Video Consultation (Attend Anywhere)

Attend Anywhere is an online video consultation platform that supports scheduled virtual appointments with your clinician from the comfort of your own home.

This short animated film can also be accessed with Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Italian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian and Urdu, subtitles as well as in British Sign Language.

Prior to your scheduled appointment time please select the link below to test your equipment is ready for the video consultation. You will then be directed to the virtual waiting room.

Key information:

  • No information you enter is stored
  • You’ll need a good connection to the internet
  • Make the call in a private, well-lit area
  • You’ll need a device (PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone) with a camera, speaker and microphone

See below information document with full details for attending your appointment via video

Please note: this service is for scheduled appointments only. If you have not been notified that your consultation will be via video, please do not access this link.
Patient Feedback

Based on patient feedback we are aware of some people facing connection issues when attempting to video call. We are doing what we can to try and improve this and would ask that if you are planning to attend a video consultation from your home and are connected to wifi, it may be helpful to ask other members of your household to refrain from streaming digital content to improve your domestic bandwidth during the consultation period.

We are continually gaining feedback and will keep this advice under review. We want to ensure you have the smoothest consultation possible.

Thank you for working with us to improve your experience.

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