Television, radio and telephones

Most beds in our hospitals have a bedside unit called Hospedia which has a telephone you can use to keep in touch with your relatives, carers and friends. Hospedia also has a television, radio and internet.

Some services on your Hospedia system are free of charge. These include:

  • 24 hour radio service including hospital radio
  • TV for children aged 16 and under
  • your meal ordering service
  • contacting the Hospedia operator
  • receiving incoming telephone calls
  • answering machine

To access all other Hospedia services you will need to pay.

The Hospedia operator is available 24 hours a day if you want to know anything about the service. If you wish, a member of the team can visit you at your bedside from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Just pick up your phone and press the operator button.

Telephone calls using Hospedia

You will be given your own telephone number. Your telephone can be used to both make and receive calls.

Making calls

Call rates may vary for UK landline and mobile phone numbers. Please call the Hospedia operator free of charge for the current standard charge rate.

More information is available on the Hospedia website.

Receiving calls

You will not be charged for receiving calls. People ringing you will be told the cost at the start of each call.

How to pay for Hospedia services

Hospedia services can be paid for by:

  • buying cards from vending machines in corridors near the wards, using cash
  • telephoning the Hospedia operator from your bedside phone and paying by debit or credit card

If you pay using a credit or debit card any credit you do not use can be refunded at the end of your stay. Please contact the Hospedia operator to organise this.

Part used cards, paid by cash, cannot be refunded.

What do I have to do to start using Hospedia services?

Once you have settled into your ward simply press the operator button on your telephone handset to register and activate the services. The operator will explain the system in more detail and if needed, a member of the team can visit you at your bedside.

For more information please talk to the Hospedia operator or ward staff.

Hospital radio

Radio Stitch broadcasts to patients staff and visitors at the University Hospital of North Tees and the University Hospital of Hartlepool. The dedicated team of volunteers provide you with non-stop entertainment and music to make your stay in hospital more enjoyable.

Can any other telephones be used within the hospital?

Mobile telephones

Mobile telephones must not be switched on or used in or near any clinical treatment areas, operating theatres, critical care or high dependency units or on any wards, as they may interfere with medical equipment.

Mobile phones can be used in the hospital grounds, corridors, entrance and café areas but only if there is no electric or battery powered medical equipment in use within three metres (10 feet).


Payphones can be found in public areas throughout the hospital. These telephones are for outgoing calls only and are charged at normal payphone rates.

Can I bring my own TV or radio into hospital?

For the comfort of others, patients are not allowed to bring their own TV or radio into hospital. A television set is available in the day room of most wards for patient use, free of charge.