Before you leave home

You will have received a letter to let you know when you will be coming into hospital. Please follow the instructions in this letter.

It will explain what you need to do before you leave home, what to bring into hospital, the date and time of your admission, the name and number of your ward and what you need to do to confirm your admission.

What to bring

Please make sure you bring with you:

  • your appointment letter
  • any medications you are taking in their original labelled containers including tablets, inhalers, ear, eye or nose drops, creams, injections (including insulin).  Some may be used while you are in hospital, but we will make sure you have enough when you go home
  • the name, address and contact numbers of your next of kin
  • toiletries including soap, shampoo, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, handwipes, paper hankerchiefs
  • dressing gown and night clothes
  • non-slip footwear or slippers
  • comfortable clothes for during the day for when you are not in bed, for example skirt and jumper, shorts or tracksuit
  • glasses or contact lenses
  • hearing aids
  • razor or electric shaver
  • sanitary products and continence aids if needed
  • special aids, for example, walking sticks, special shoes, grab sticks
  • money for items from the hospital shops or Hospedia services including bedside telephones, TV, and internet access

Health passports

Please bring with you any health passports, for example a patient passport for patients with learning disabilities, this is me: dementia passport or the integrated catheter care passport.  This will help us to give you the care you need.

Keep warm

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends you keep warm before, during and after your operation because it can reduce side effects, complications and help you to recover from your operation faster.

Please make sure you bring socks and slippers, a dressing gown, a vest or other warm clothing to help you feel warm while you are in hospital. If you are being admitted as a day case patient please try and keep warm on your journey to and from the hospital.


Please leave your valuables at home and only bring in the small amount of cash that you may need.  We can only accept responsibility for items handed over for safekeeping.  We will give you a receipt for these items.

Special requirements

Please let us know if you have any special requirements such as sight, hearing, mobility or dietary needs.

If English isn’t your first language and you need the services of an interpreter, we can arrange this for you.  Please let us know before your admission date.  If you have been admitted in an emergency, let a member of staff know what your needs are as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.

Planning your journey

Visit our hospital pages to find out about transport, car parking and how to get to our hospitals.