About your stay

If you are admitted to hospital for a planned procedure or operation, please arrive at the time on your letter.

It is very important that you arrive on time so you can be seen by your anaesthetist (a doctor with special training in anaesthetics) and surgeon before the operating list begins.

Our access lounges are quite a small area, so we would ask that only one relative, friend or carer brings you in.

When you arrive in the access lounge:

  • staff will show you to your room
  • a nurse will check your details and ask you to get changed into a theatre gown
  • you will be given a plastic identity bracelet to wear. This shows your name, date of birth and hospital number. Please check your bracelet to make sure all of the details are correct. You must wear this at all times while you are in hospital. It is an extra safeguard to make sure that staff can identify you and you receive the correct care and treatment
  • your clothes will be placed into a bag, labelled and taken to the ward where you will go after your operation
  • your relative or friend will be told which ward you will be taken to after your operation and will be given the contact number for that ward.

Your surgeon and anaesthetist will come to see you before your operation. Please ask them any questions you may have. You will find that you are asked the same questions more than once; this is part of our careful checking system.

When you arrive on your ward you will be met by one of the team of nurses who will be caring for you during your hospital stay. They will show you to your bed or waiting area. Each ward has its own daily routine, which one of your nurses will explain to you soon after your admission, for example, times of meals or your doctor’s ward round.

What happens if you are admitted to hospital as an emergency?

If you are admitted to hospital as an emergency by your GP or by the accident and emergency department, you will:

  • be seen and assessed on our emergency assessment unit. Doctors and nurses will then start a treatment plan for you
  • you will then be moved onto another ward under the care of a team of doctors led by a consultant
  • within 24 hours of your admission, staff will start to discuss and develop your discharge (going home) plan with you

If you wish to leave your ward for a short time, for example, to go to the shop, please check with one of your nurses before leaving and let your nurse know when you have returned.

During your stay in hospital you will be cared for by your consultant and members of their medical team and a team of nurses and health care assistants. Other healthcare professionals may also be involved in your care, for example, allied healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dietitians. Staff from other departments, for example, x-ray, laboratories and the hospital pharmacy may also be involved in your care.

All of our staff will try to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.