Stay Well

In order to ‘Stay Well’ we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, moving well and thinking well.

At times however, there may also be other obstacles to overcome such as an illness, a fall or practical difficulties with day to day tasks where we may need a little bit of support or advice. This is perfectly normal and by finding the support we need early this can help to maintain independence, safety and can often prevent a decline in our health.

It is also important that we take responsibility and manage our ongoing medical conditions appropriately which involves following recommendations from our Doctors and Therapists. This may involve taking medication, symptom management and maintenance of our general physical and mental health.

Hopefully the following resources will be useful tools to help you to Stay Well!

You will find information on the following topics in this section:
• Understanding your condition
• Understanding your medication
• Having trouble sleeping
• Home help
• Safety at home / TeleCare
• Local exercise groups
• Local services and support
• Carer support
• Alcohol and Drug Support
• Seasonal Health Campaigns / How to stay well in Winter
• Useful contact numbers / Services and National Charities

Do I understand my medical condition?

Being diagnosed with a medical condition can be difficult.
It is important however, that we understand our conditions to be able to take control and manage them well, hopefully preventing complications as we age.
The NHS Health A-Z Guide allows you to research a condition easily and provides an overview, treatment and some useful resources regarding your condition.

I’m not sure if I’m taking my medication correctly!

The NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) guidelines state that most people take medicines at some point in their lives.
Medicines are beneficial but people often don’t get the best from them for many reasons.
This leaflet explains safe and effective use of your medicines which is extremely important in assisting in managing your long term conditions and preventing some serious side effects if taking medication incorrectly.
The NHS Medicines A-Z list allows you to research common medicines to gain further information.
If you require urgent medication support (including an emergency prescription) you can contact the 111 service or you can speak to your pharmacist for general advice.
If you need to find a pharmacy use this link.
Health at home provides information on ordering repeat prescriptions as well as advice about online GP services, Apps and video consultations.

I really struggle to get to sleep at night!

We all have evenings when we find it hard to sleep.

Simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep. If we have a good sleep it makes a huge difference to how we feel, and dealing with day to day tasks can be a much easier experience.

Have a look at these 10 helpful tips and the other resources that are available here from the NHS.

The NHS Every Mind Matters website also has support with sleeping if you are finding it more difficult to sleep at present due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

I struggle to communicate

Our speech and language therapy team has some excellent advice on communication skills.

Do you need some help at home? Are you struggling to get in your bath or shower safely?

If you or someone you know needs help with day to day activities or you think you need an adaptation or aid to remain independent at home, contact your local councils First Contact telephone number (see below for your area) to discuss this and an assessment will be arranged at your home.

Visit your council’s website to gain more information about what is available:

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council 
First Contact For Social Care Information and Advice

01642 527764

Hartlepool Borough Council 
First Contact Social Care Information & Advice

01429 523390

Durham County Council
Helpline First Contact Social Services

0300 0267 979

How can I feel safer living at home?

OneCall/Telecare can provide a variety of sensors in your home which are monitored 24 hours per day allowing for a swift response should there be a problem. This can make a real difference in peoples lives and can maintain independence and allow both yourself and loved ones to feel more confident and reassured.

Stockton OneCall Services: 01642 634768 524000

Hartlepool Telecare: 0800 6357000

Durham Care Connect/Telecare: 03000 26 00 00 195

Health at home

I don’t enjoy the gym, however, I would love to join a local group. Where do I start looking?

Connecting with people and having good relationships is extremely important for your mental health as well as your physical wellbeing.
The following sites provide an array of local activities you may wish to explore or if you would prefer there are many activities that can be accessed from home

Stockton Information Directory
This website provides details of services, advice and support for adults, children, young people and families living in Stockton-on-Tees. There is a vast selection of clubs, groups, faith based activities, running and cycling information, activities for the over 50’s to name but a few. It is important that you seek medical advice before commencing a new activity.

Staying Out Project 01642 525199
‘ARC in Stockton work closely with local organisations to support isolated people and people who have recently been discharged from hospital to help them get back on their feet’.
You could speak to your GP about referral into this service.

How do I join a local exercise group?

The following council led services all offer sessions across your local area to help keep you active whether in a group exercise class or by using gym facilities:

Tees Active (Stockton) 01642 551381

Get Hartlepool Active 01429 523338

Healthworks (Durham and Darlington) 0191 3728 710

The NHS website Find Fitness Activities and Classes allows you to search using your postcode for local groups or services that may interest you and your family.

Are you a carer? Do you need some advice or support?

There is a wide range of support services available for carers. Contact your local councils First Contact Telephone number (find your local councils contact details link) to ask for a carers assessment and visit the councils website for further information- click on the link below.

Stockton Carer Support 01642 524494

Hartlepool Carer Support 01429 523390

Durham Carer Support 0300 0267 979

This NHS website also has contact details for national help and advice and information regarding financial benefits for carers and who is eligible for this support.

Worried about a friend or family member who is drinking too much alcohol or who is taking drugs or smoking?

These websites provide support and information regarding drug and alcohol misuse amongst other lifestyle choices.

The first step is always the hardest, however, remember you are not alone and there is support available.

If you would like individual support or advice, please contact the appropriate number provided.

Change Grow Live (Healthy Habits- Stockton) 01642 673888

Community Drugs Centre, Hartlepool 01429 285000

County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services 03000 266 666

I’m worried about heating my home this winter. What can I do to keep warm at home?

Do I need a Flu jab this winter?Some people are more vulnerable to the effects of cold weather than others.

We know that some conditions are made worse by cold weather and this potentially can lead to serious complications.

Here is some advice to follow to try to reduce the risk of these complications and other seasonal health advice from the NHS. It has information about Flu jabs and keeping your home warm.

You may also be eligible for benefit support to assist with heating costs.

NHS Keep your home warm 

Winter payment scheme

Cold weather payment scheme

NHS  healthy body

Stay well Pharmacy

Useful Contact Numbers and Services

If it is an emergency call 999 or attend your nearest A&E

Find services near you: GP, dentist, pharmacy etc, but if you need help now and don’t know what to do, call 111 or

Urgent Social Support:
Stockton Social Services 01642 527764
Hartlepool Social Services 01429 523390
Durham Social Services 0300 0267 979

Foodbanks / Frozen Ready Meal Delivery:

Billingham & Stockton Borough Foodbank 07583 575522.

Hartlepool Foodbank 01429 598404

Peterlee Foodbank 0191 303 7559

Wiltshire Farm Foods 0800 077 3100


(Age 60 and over, or under 60 with a disability) Non skilled DIY jobs such as putting up shelves, pictures, changing lightbulbs

Stockton Home improvement Agency (Yorkshire Housing) – 01642 353529


East Durham

0300 4562220

National Support

Silverline free helpline for older people: 0800 470 80 90

Age UK Advice, befriending, telephone friendship, local groups: 0800 678 16 02

Red Cross Help with loneliness, support at home, money problems, emotional support: 0344 871 11 11