Musculoskeletal Health

This section contains some resources to help manage your bone, joint or muscle pain. We know pain is multifactorial and therefore it is important to not only address the physical influences but also the psychological influences such as anxiety and emotions. Psychological influences have a greater effect on your pain if you have experienced it over a long time.

There is further information in our THINK WELL section but some information has been included here as well.

The following resources have been identified to help manage your musculoskeletal pain:

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

The CSP have produced some self management resources for common joint pain including; neck; shoulder; elbow; hand; back; hip; knee; ankle; and foot. There is also a pain management and mental health and wellbeing section. Click here for access.

MSK Reform

These resources have been collated by health professionals to address pain, injury, mental health and wellbeing. A summary of this site is as follows:

  • Interactive body chart: information on common pathologies including self management advice.
  • Musculoskeletal: early injury advice, health at work, persistent pain.
  • Metal health: depression, anxiety.
  • Wellbeing: nutrition, exercise, sleep, smoking.
  • Features: new articles put together on specific topics
  • There are also some infographics in the resources section of the website below which provide a visual summary of some key information.

Click here to access the website.


Within the features section of the website is some information on how to manage fatigue, including post-viral fatigue that could occur after Covid-19.

Click here for that article. The following company code can be used if asked for it (mskr2019)

Escape Pain

Escape pain is a rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain of the knees and/or hips that integrates simple education, self-management and coping strategies, with an exercise regimen individualised for each person. We run the Escape programme across both North Tees and Hartlepool sites led by our physiotherapy team.

Escape pain offer a free online resource or App that can be accessed below:

1) ESCAPE-pain Online                 2) ESCAPE-pain App

Both tools take the user through a six-week programme with exercises videos, educational videos and progress trackers.

For further information about Escape Pain and free access to the education and exercise videos, click here.

MSK Tracker

This resource was put together by Keele University and is funded by Versus Arthritis. It has links to advice on:

  • Joint pain
  • Condition information
  • Chronic pain
  • Medication
  • General activity
  • Investigations
  • Injections
  • Surgery
  • Other (diet, falls, sleep, smoking, work, women’s health
  • Mental health and wellbeing

Click here to access.


Pacing is particularly important if you: are new to activity; have an overload injury; are struggling with fatigue; suffer with persistent pain and are looking to become more active.

It is important that we pace our activities to avoid flaring up our symptoms. Overtime we need to increase our activity to continue to progress our function.

Below are some links which provide advice on how to pace your activities, particularly for those with persistent pain.

Persistent Pain

If you have had pain for a long time then these resources might be able to help you:

Pain toolkit

The pain toolkit was designed by someone living with persistent pain to provide useful information and resources.

  • Access the website here
  • Alternatively a summary pdf document can be found here

Live well with pain

A website with useful information and resources, including leaflets and videos, to help people who are living with persistent pain. Click here to access.


The CSP website have collated some useful resources alongside NHS England and versus arthritis to help you manage your pain. Click here to access.