Difficulty Moving


Pacing is particularly important if you: are new to activity; have an injury; struggle with fatigue, persistent pain or breathlessness and are looking to become more active.

It is important that we pace our activities to avoid flaring up our symptoms or causing illness. Overtime we need to increase our activity to continue to progress or maintain our function.

Below are some links which provide advice on how to pace your activities, particularly for those with persistent pain.

Mobility problems

You may have issues standing or walking, you may already use a walking aid or may be in need of one.

Walking aids can be a temporary aid to rehabilitation or a longer term solution to maintaining independence.

If you have fallen, feel unsteady or suffer with joint or muscle issues  when mobilising then our therapy team can help.

We can assess your strength, movement, balance and function and advise you on exercises to improve these, or aids to increase your safety when mobilising.

Difficulty transferring

Mobility issues are not just limited to walking, you may struggle to stand from a chair, toilet or get in/out of the bed or bath. We have many simple solutions through equipment that can help as well as exercises to improve your ability.


Aids and adaptations can be temporary or long term; helping to rehabilitate and maintain independence.

From opening jars to raising your armchair and from walking sticks to ramp access to your door our Community Integrated Assessment Team can help identify options and facilitate this for you with the correct advice and support.


Telecare is the use of discreet equipment that can help tell if there is an emergency or if you are having difficulties in your home. As well as peace of mind for you, your family and your carers, telecare may give you more freedom to live independently in your own home and when you are out and about.  Telecare can be used in a variety of ways, e.g sense risks such as smoke, floods and gas leaks; call for help if you fall; remind you to take your medication at the correct time; notify someone if you leave your home and would have difficulty finding your way back

Care and support at home

Your difficulty moving may prevent you from safely performing daily tasks; washing and dressing or preparing meals. This may be a temporary limitation due to illness or injury, or a permanent issue due to a long term health condition, either way our community team can assess and refer you to appropriate services.


A free of charge, up to 6 week service to assist you to regain independence following injury or illness. Alongside regular therapy to build strength and function, equipment to improve your safety and education on improving your health and lifestyle.

Find out more

You can access any of the above services on: 01429 522500

Social Care

If you are to require longer term social care support, or are considering nursing or residential care, a member of our social services team can complete a more detailed assessment of your needs.

Stockton-on-Tees – call First Contact: 01642 527764

Hartlepool – call Adults and Community Based Services: 01429 523390