Care Opinion

Care Opinion is a different way for the Trust to get feedback from patients, visitors, relatives and carers. It is a national independent feedback platform for health services. It is non-profit making and is about sharing experiences and opinions regarding health services within the UK.

Care Opinion is a conversation between the patients, carers and the professionals of the health service bodies. Everyone requires healthcare at various points in their lives and this is the ideal way to share stories and experiences.

On the site anyone can:

  • See what other patients are saying about the healthcare that each Trust is providing
  • Share their story so that others can learn from their experience
  • See how health services have responded to comments from others

Was it good – if so then this can be shared and you can also thank the people who were responsible. If it wasn’t the best, then could improvements be made and are there any suggestions as to how this could be done.

We are one of hundreds of subscribers to Care Opinion and our healthcare professionals can listen and respond to the experiences of our patients using this platform.

All published opinions go to the Care Quality Commission which is the national regulator for the NHS in England. All postings are also republished on NHS Choices.

If you have experienced health care recently, either as a patient yourself or as a carer or friend of someone else, you can tell Care Opinion how it was. They will then pass your comments to us for us to respond and to make changes if necessary.

Our staff are being encouraged to let patients, visitors and carers alike know that they can share their story using Care Opinion as this gives us the opportunity to learn what people think of the services that we provide and to celebrate what we are doing well. If there are things that we can improve on then this is a good way to find out what people think and also to look at any suggestions that they may make.

To view our recent Care Opinion stories, please visit the Trust section of the Care Opinion website