Why choose us?

We are the local provider for hospital and community care in Hartlepool, Stockton and parts of Easington and Sedgefield. We are a local health service with care provided by local people for local people.

Our hospitals are clean and safe

From our cleaners to our consultants, our porters to our practitioners, our staff take pride in the care and services they provide. We pride ourselves on low infection rates, which mean you can be assured we are taking good care of you and doing everything possible to ensure you do not pick up infections while under our care. Every month our director of nursing and her team visit wards and departments to check that the standards of care are what she would expect. During these visits she talks to patients about their experience. The vast majority of patients are very happy with their care and very complimentary about the staff looking after them. On the rare occasion where someone is not happy she can put this right straightaway. Our board of directors also visit wards and departments to check out standards for themselves and to speak to patients about their experiences.

Food for thought

Our catering service has a five star rating and, while we know we can’t please all of the people all of the time, patients are generally very satisfied with our food. Don’t like what’s on the menu? Ask our ward hostess to find you an alternative. We want you to get better and attractive, appetising and nutritious food is a very important part of that.

We don’t want you to wait

We’re constantly working to improve our waiting times which are already among the best in the country. We know if you’re not well you want to be seen as soon as possible and we’re committed to constantly reducing our waiting times.