One of youngest patients to have pacemaker fitted

One of the youngest patients to be treated in the cardiology day unit at the University Hospital of North Tees has raised money to show thanks for her care.

Louise Woods, from Ingleby Barwick, had an operation to have a pacemaker fitted just before she turned 18.

Two years later, Louise’s health has improved and she now lives a very normal life. Along with her mum Beverley she wanted to raise money for the unit as a way of giving something back.

Beverley said: “Ever since Louise was about five years old she would go through periods where she would look like she was about to faint, then she would throw up.

“Doctors thought she would grow out of it but it only got worse, it happened more frequently.

“She had an implantable loop recorder fitted which detected a slow heart rate and the need for a pacemaker.

“We are so grateful for the care she has had. She now lives a very normal life.”

Louise and Beverley have raised £1,000 for the unit and funds For the British Heart Foundation after completing a sponsored 10 mile walk to Great Ayton.

Cardiologist Vineet Wadehra said: “Louise is certainly the youngest patient I have ever fitted a pacemaker for. It is unusual for someone so young to need one.

“I’d like to thank her and Beverley for the money they have helped raise. This will be used to invest in a point of care test kit which will improve the care we can give to patients.”

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