Women urged to have life saving smear tests

THE trust is encouraging women to not ignore potentially life-saving smear tests.

Lisa Tomlinson, a healthcare assistant and health promotion lead in main outpatients, was treated for cervical cancer and is now fully recovered.

She will be raising awareness next week as part of Cervical Cancer Awareness Week.

She said: “It’s really really important for people to go along and have their smear test when they are invited to do so.

“This test saves lives. No woman wants to go to have the test but it’s something we all must do.

“During the week I will be around the hospital raising awareness and will be available to talk to anyone who needs information or advice.”

Sharon Denise Clark, gynaecology, oncology and colposcopy nurse specialist, said: “Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet one in three young women don’t attend their smear test – screening numbers are sadly declining.

“Women often tell us they are too busy with family or work life or scared and worried or embarrassed about having that smear – cervical screening doesn’t have to be an embarrassing experience.

“We all need to prioritise our health – your practice nurse, GP, nurse practitioner or colposcopist will be more than happy to chat to you before your appointment if you have concerns, questions or have had a bad experience and want to ensure this does not happen again.

“Please don’t be the woman who left it far too long to have that smear. We are urging you to attend these smear tests to help prevent cervical cancer.”

Staff – when you share your #SmearForSmear make sure you send your photo to communications@nth.nhs.uk or send it on Twitter @NTeesHpoolNHSFT

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