Flu jab warning after rise in hospital admissions

The trust has seen a significant rise in the number of patients admitted to hospital with flu this winter.
Medical director Deepak Dwarakanath has reminded staff who have yet to be immunised to do so and to appeal to members of the public to get the jab.
He said: “This year we have seen a rise in the amount of patients and staff who have had the flu, so it’s more important than ever for all staff to visit one of our regular flu clinics and be vaccinated.
“We also advise members of the public to visit their pharmacy or GP and be immunised, especially pregnant women, anyone aged 65 or over and anyone at particular risk of flu.
“Despite what people think you cannot get flu from the flu vaccine. It is not a live vaccine so it is impossible to catch flu by having the vaccine.
“Flu can be serious and even fatal, even for normally fit and well people, so that’s why the campaign is so important to protect ourselves and our patients.
“It’s very important for our staff to get the vaccination to minimise the risks of developing the flu when they’re exposed to patients who have flu themselves and to prevent themselves carrying the flu virus to others including their friends, family, other patients and relatives.”

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