Volunteer thank you event – 70 years of the NHS!

 The trust held a celebration event to thank our volunteers, with the theme of the NHS 70th birthday.

The event, held at the University Hospital of North Tees was hosted by Chairman Paul Garvin, who was joined by chief executive Julie Gillon and other members of the trust board who all helped deliver a wonderful meal to all our fantastic volunteers provided by the trusts catering team.

Paul said: “This year the NHS has celebrated its 70th birthday, 70 years of the NHS is such a fantastic achievement and we often forget to take a moment and reflect on all of the hard work of all the staff and wonderful volunteers like you.

“I look forward to this event each year as it gives me the opportunity to say thank you to you all for everything you do, and gives me the chance to meet new volunteers who have joined the trust recently.

“The work you do is invaluable and clearly complements the work of our trust staff. We are lucky to have such a range of volunteers in our trust, from the NHS retirement fellowship, chaplaincy volunteers, radio stitch, RVS and league of friends, volunteer drivers, and many more, you all play such an important part.

After the meal, certificates of long service were given out for the volunteers who had 5, 10 or 20 years’ service. A special mention went to Audrey Chappell and Gwen Duddles who have both been in the NHS since it was formed all those years ago!

To close the evening the volunteers were entertained by the trusts choir singing a selection of songs related to healthcare and caring for people. There was lots of singing and dancing, everyone had a great time!

Paul concluded: “I would like to say one last thank you to our volunteers for everything they do for the trust, I would like to thank Colin and the catering team for holding such a lovely evening and service, thanks to volunteer co-ordinator Paul Wharton who organised the event and finally to all of the staff who came to help out and make this evening the great success it has been!”

The trust is very privileged to have so many volunteers, many who have supported the trust for many years and to be able to continually welcome new volunteers to the team.

Volunteers can do as many hours as they can spare to fit in with the lives and the interests of the volunteer throughout many different areas of the trust.

People can find out more about the opportunities available to volunteer at www.nth.nhs.uk/jobs/volunteer/ and if you are interested in becoming a volunteer would like to find out more please email volunteers@nth.nhs.uk

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