Transforming lifts in busy hospital site

The lifts at the University Hospital of North Tees are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The tower block – seven floors high and leading to some very busy clinical areas – is used by thousands of people every week.

That’s why the NTH Solutions estates team is carrying out work to renovate all of the lifts across the site.

The first of these to be completed is a lift in the west wing leading to the elderly care ward and stroke unit.

Work to replace and renovate each of the six lifts in the tower block is also underway and being carried out one at a time – the first of these will be finished within the next month.

Stuart Watkin, head of engineering compliance and energy, said: “Work to renovate and replace the lifts is so important – we need fully operational lifts at all times.

“This will mean that one lift will be out of service throughout the works. We are asking patients, visitors and staff to be aware of this and please show patience over this time.”

If you’re able, why not take up the challenge and take the stairs instead of the lift! You’ll improve your fitness, help others who need the lift more and you will save money for the trust to put back into patient care!

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