Take care with fireworks

The trust’s accident and emergency department are urging people to take care and stay safe on bonfire night.

andy-simpson-1Clinical director and consultant in A&E, Andy Simpson said: “Each year we have to deal with cases of bonfire and firework related injuries in our accident and emergency department at the University Hospital of North Tees.

“Thankfully we don’t see anything like as many firework injuries as we used to but one is one too many and we want to do everything we can to try and prevent incidents which can cause serious harm.

“The public can follow some simple advice so that they can enjoy the night safely. We want to remind people that one simple mistake can have serious consequences for the patient and their family.

“I would urge people to go to a council run event rather than have their own fireworks party; however, if you are going to a private party make sure there is a responsible adult in charge.

There is some simple advice for people to follow:

  • never allow children to handle or light fireworks
  • never mix alcohol with fireworks
  • never return to a lit firework

“Fireworks are dangerous and should be treated with the greatest care at all times. Never throw petrol or paraffin onto a bonfire to try to make it burn better.

“The last thing we’d want to do is stop people enjoying bonfire night but one mistake can lead to serious consequences.”

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