Student paramedic’s successful work placement experience in elective care unit

Student paramedic Lauren Schofield has recently completed a two-week placement in elective care – an experience she feels has been invaluable to her development.

Lauren has spent time in the joint replacement unit at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, shadowing staff and caring for patients.

This is now part of her training she is undergoing with Sunderland University.

Speaking from the unit in Hartlepool, Lauren said: “When I applied to train to be a paramedic I knew it involved a placement in a clinical area.

“What I didn’t know until I arrived here was just how much hands on experience I would get. It has been fantastic and invaluable for my development.

“There’s been opportunities to really get to know patients and be a part of their care.

“As a paramedic, we don’t often see the after-care once a patient arrives at hospital. This has been a fantastic opportunity to experience this side.”

Ward matron Linda Wildberg said: “Having Lauren spend time with us has not only helped develop her in her chosen role, but it has also helped our staff’s development too.

“It’s been fantastic for the team to work with her over her time here.”

Jean Angus, head of nursing education and placements, said: “Our paramedic students spend time on acute wards so that they can gain a greater understanding of what happens when they bring a patient in from their home into hospital.

“It means they can tell patients and reassure them about what the likely outcome of their journey will be.

“For the same reason, student nurses also spend time with paramedics to gain an understanding of their role. This gives that continuity of care and better informs students.”

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