Staff take on army medical challenge

Earlier this summer two teams from the trust competed against NHS staff from across the North East in a series of testing military exercises.

MidwivesPhysiotherapy team exercise medical challengeTeams from physiotherapy and maternity took part in Exercise Medical Challenge in Newcastle.

During the day more than 200 staff from across the region were put to the test on a wide range of scenarios which included a boat casualty rescue on the River Tyne, aid to a casualty under fire, rescuing of casualties and investigation skills and static helicopter emergency medical drills.

The event is organised every year by the 201 Field Hospital, a reserve medical force where many trust staff volunteer and chief executive Alan Foster is honorary colonel.

Bev Marwood, who competed in the physiotherapy team, said: “The team worked fantastically well together all day, scoring highly on all the challenges.

“It was a great day – several of the team, myself included, are thinking about joining the reserves after visiting the barracks and getting more of an idea about what they do and the training they have.

“We will definitely be entering again next year with the aim to regain our title.”

Midwife Vicki Thorpe, who took part in the maternity team, said: “It was a really fun day which we would all recommend to any staff.

“It was a real eye opener to what the army medical training team do.”


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