Staff show their hearts for national transplant week

People are being urged to say I do to mark this year’s national transplant week. Specialist nurse, organ donation, Clare Fletcher asked colleagues to show their support for the campaign.

I do 8

Clare said: “There is an ever growing number of people waiting for transplants. We sometimes find that people’s families don’t know their wishes so will not consent to organ donation when their loved one dies. Signing up to the organ donor register, and ensuring your loved ones know your wishes, is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out if the worst should happen.

“I’d like to thank colleagues for their support. I was very moved when I saw Barbara (pictured), a retired nurse, who needed a lung transplant quickly following an illness called pulmonary fibrosis. Here she is nine weeks after her transplant. Barbara was filled with emotion as she talked about how grateful she is to her organ donor.”

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