Special socks helping protect vulnerable patients

Special socks are being introduced to help protect vulnerable patients and prevent patient falls.

The bright yellow socks are being rolled out across wards at both hospital sites at North Tees and Hartlepool.

The socks are given to patients who have been identified as being at high risk of slips, trips and falls. As well as identifying those at risk, they have extra grip on them to help prevent falls.

The trust already uses red socks which are given to all patients who need a pair of socks – while yellow ones are given to those who are vulnerable to falling.

Carol Bowler, senior clinical practitioner, said: “Evidence has shown that socks reduce the incidence of falls.

“They are bright yellow so that if someone sees a patient with the socks walking around the ward area they are aware that they are at a high risk of falling.

“If a patient comes into the trust having previously fallen, they are given a pair of the socks.

“We want to make as many staff and visitors aware as possible that when they see a patient with these yellow socks then they need to be aware of this.”

Marilyn Creaser, who is 75, is being treated in the orthopaedic unit after having a fall at home and fracturing her hip.

She said: “I think this is a brilliant idea. I have previously had a fall and am at risk of having another fall in the future.

“These socks will make sure people are aware when patients like me are at risk.”

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