Senior doctor sets mountain challenge up hospital tower block

A senior doctor is aiming to scale the equivalent of a mountain by Christmas as he pledges to take the stairs!

Consultant in emergency medicine Andy Simpson has worked out the amount of times he would have to walk up the tower block at the University Hospital of North Tees to complete different famous climbs.

Getting up Roseberry Topping (pictured in the background of this photo) would be a manageable 13 climbs, Ben Bevis would be a more challenging 54 and Mont Blanc would be huge 192.

He might even attempt Mount Everest – which would be a massive 354 times up the 25m high tower block!

Andy said: “Away from work, I spend a lot of time walking and have walked up various different mountains.

“That led me to this idea to work out how many times you would have to walk up the tower block to get up all of these different mountains.

“It’s just a different way of encouraging staff and visitors to consider taking the stairs rather than the lifts.

“You’ll not only be doing something good for your health and general fitness but you’ll also be reducing the use of the lift for people who need it more and to help save money which can go back into patient care.

“I encourage people to join me in this challenge!”

If staff would like to get involved they can find a mountain wall chart on the weekly bulletin.

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