Selfless and caring play specialist praised by colleagues

“Selfless and puts every single person she meets above herself.”

That how colleagues have described play specialist Christine Goodwin in the children’s ward at the University Hospital of North Tees.

Chris is part of a dedicated team of play specialists who all care for children and young people in the unit.

Their role includes organising play activities to help maintain a child’s development during illness, preparing them for procedures, supporting parents and relatives and observing children to help staff monitor progress.

Chris was this week recognised with the latest Star of the Month award, presented to her by medical director and deputy chief executive Deepak Dwarakanath.

Staff nurse Samantha Wild, who nominated her, said: “Chris is an absolutely fantastic individual and one of the most amazing members of staff I have ever worked with throughout my career.

“Chris is selfless and from beginning to end she puts every single person she meets above herself (children, families and staff). She refuses to take any credit when it is given and always remains humble about how invaluable she is to everyone on the children’s ward, providing outstanding care and compassion to all of the children and families she meets.

“Her ability to encompass the very values of the children’s ward in every single thing she does is outstanding.

“She doesn’t stop until she knows she has done everything possible to ease a patient’s journey and she provides a much needed shoulder for staff during difficult times.

“Chris is a beautiful and much valued member of our team and I wish she could be recognised for being at the heart of the team and understand how much we love and appreciate her.

“She always goes above and beyond (and then some more) to ensure the patient and their family are at ease, improving their experience.”

Chris said: “I want to highlight the work of all of the ward’s play specialists – we all do just as good a job so I would like to share this award with all of you.”

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