Recognising the role of associate specialists

The trust held its annual conference for specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors.

The event at Wynyard Hall has been hosted by the trust for 16 years.

img_9367It was organised by associate specialists Bob Singh (chairman), Mohammed Imam (secretary) and consultant orthopaedic surgeon Raj Logishetty (tutor).

Medical director Deepak Dwarakanath, who gave a welcome address, said: “I’m pleased the trust is taking a lead on this and being a vanguard for it.
“We are challenging new frontiers and it’s great to be asked to come here. “My dad was an associate specialist. He’d tell me about the way things were when he was working and I am very pleased how far things have come in the 20 years since he retired. You all perform very valuable roles.

“We now have many SAS doctors, they make up a huge proportion of our doctor staff and I recognise your contribution.”

The day included talks around job planning, tribunals, SAS doctors’ futures, fitness to practice, technology, investigating a doctor and role as medical witness.

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