Raising awareness about importance of hydration

The trust’s dietitians have been raising awareness about the importance of everyone being properly hydrated.

The focus for dietitians week last week was on hydration – particularly focusing on the challenges staff face.

Kelly Dunn, a sister in the trauma/spinal unit, volunteered to keep a fluid balance sheet throughout the week and actively took on more water over that period.
She said: “I know I don’t normally drink enough fluids while I am on shift.

“Over the course of the week I made sure I was drinking two litres of water during the day, then more when I arrived at home.

“I sometimes go home at the end of a shift with a headache – but last week this wasn’t the case.

“I felt much better and I had more energy.

“Throughout the week I made sure I was drinking fluids whenever I could, during breaks and while in the staff area. It’s something I am going to keep doing now, it’s very important to keep hydrated.”

Debrah Lonsdale, a student nurse, has written a dissertation about the importance of staff being hydrated.

She spent time in the main concourse at the University Hospital of North Tees talking to staff and members of the public.

Dietitians were also manning a stand and spent time in the spinal/trauma unit speaking to staff and distributing drinks.

Dietetic assistant Kelly Brook said: “The dietetics team spent time handing out drinks of squash and water to hard working and dedicated staff. This gave us a chance to engage, chat and understand the challenges faced by workers in relation to keeping themselves hydrated during the working day, while at the same time getting our colleagues to take on some fluids.

“We received a lot of thanks and positivity from staff for the drinks we brought, with one of the hostesses saying how nice it was that someone was looking after her, as she is usually looking after others, bringing them drinks.”

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