Public urged to use emergency care service for what it is there for – emergencies

Paper cuts, hay fever, mild knee pain and minor falls.

These are just some of the things people have been coming in to the urgent and emergency care department with at a health trust in Teesside over the last few days.

The service at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is urging people to only visit the department in an emergency.

And – ahead of England’s appearance in the EURO 2020 final on Sunday evening – the service has also got a message for all excited fans who will be watching.

Speaking from a clinic room this afternoon from urgent care at the University Hospital of North Tees, nurse practitioner Emma Francis said: “A lot of people are coming in to the department with some minor injuries and illnesses.

“We have been incredibly busy over the last few months – the pandemic is still very present and we are still running low on staff and running low on beds.

“We need people to self-care as much as they can at home. Take regular medications, take pain relief if you need to and contact your GP practice if you need repeat prescriptions.

“So, we are really asking people to think twice before seeing us.

“We have also seen a number of injuries related to the football over the last few days.

“Our advice is for people to be mindful of this – enjoy the match but do so responsibly.

“We need to keep our urgent and emergency care departments available for the people who really need us.




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