Help prevent bugs being brought into hospital

A number of winter germs are doing the rounds, from common coughs and colds to stomach bugs and flu.

Director of nursing, quality and patient safety Cath Siddle said: “We want you to help us to keep these bugs off our hospital wards, particularly during the busy winter months and to play your part in helping to reduce the spread of infection in our hospitals.

“Bugs and germs can pass quickly from person to person. If you have the highly infectious winter vomiting and diarrhoea bug – norovirus, you must avoid visiting hospital if you have had the typical symptoms of the bug in the past 48 hours. It is more serious and even more easily spread among people who are already ill.

“It is our priority to keep our patients safe, and so it is vital that people do everything they possibly can to avoid bringing infection into our hospitals. We are caring for many frail, elderly and poorly people who are vulnerable to infections. I would ask the public , if there is a chance you may be carrying a bug, please do not risk spreading it to others.”

We take infection prevention and control and cleanliness very seriously at the trust, to make sure we are giving our patients the best possible care in the best possible environment. We want to remind you that if you are coming into hospital as a patient or visitor that you can help us by:

  • cleaning your hands – use alcohol hand rub or wash your hands when entering or leaving a ward and before and after contact with a patient
  • limiting the number of items you bring into hospital – clutter makes it more difficult to clean and therefore prevent infection
  • not sitting on patients’ beds. Please use available chairs
  • not visiting friends or loved ones if you feel unwell and have illnesses such as colds unless it is absolutely necessary

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