“Please be kind” – health trust leader thanks community for support over pandemic

The leader of a health trust in Teesside has written a heartfelt note to her community – thanking people for their “generous support” over the course of the pandemic and urging all to “please be kind”.

Julie Gillon, chief executive at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, has a issued a public letter to her community in the Tees Valley.

In the letter she mentions:

  • The community’s support following COVID-19 measures and in being vaccinated
  • A recent violent incident at the University Hospital of North Tees and appealed for the community to respect NHS staff
  • Rising pressures on services across the organisation and asked people to be patient and understanding
  • Appeals to people to continue following infection control guidelines and to “be kind” to each other

Part of the letter reads: “The pandemic heightened many of our emotions – the restrictions placed upon us left us feeling helpless. None more so perhaps than those who became new parents at that time. Such was the helplessness that a reported seven out of 10 midwives reported facing abuse from pregnant women, their partners and their families as a result of changes in maternity services during the pandemic (source: Royal College of Midwives).

“We understood the frustrations and the anxieties; we felt the fear of those alone delivering their babies with masked midwives their only source of comfort. We cried with you when you weren’t allowed into our hospitals to visit the loved ones you left in our care.

“As we work towards recovery, within a very pressured health and care environment I want to make an appeal on behalf of my own colleagues at North Tees and Hartlepool, and those across the wider NHS system. Please be kind.”

To read the letter in full, see here

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