Doctors can view stroke patient scans from home

Doctors in the stroke unit at the University Hospital of North Tees can view patient scans from their own homes and assess patients without having to be in hospital.

The new videoconferencing screens mean consultants can assess patients and scans as soon as they are produced, no matter where they are.
stroke-patient-scansA nurse in the stroke unit can use the camera on the device, meaning the patient can be assessed by a stroke consultant from home, in the same way that they would if the patient was sitting in the room next door.

It means diagnosis and course of treatment can be decided on immediately – leading to quicker treatment for the patient.

Consultant physician Ijaz Anwar said: “Using telemedicine means a consultant can assess patients and view their scans as soon as it is carried out.

“It means we can make a diagnosis and decide on a course of treatment immediately, in many cases. It will not only help speed up treatment but will also improve our scanning time out of hour.

“We have been using this system since early December and staff in the unit are still learning more about how we can use the system effectively, but it has already shown immediate benefits to patient care.”

“Mobile health can help us improve the care we give patients and help ease pressure on stroke team.”

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