Partners welcome to all pre-birth scans

We’re saying ‘welcome back’ to partners who can now attend all antenatal scans.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, all NHS Trusts have had to make difficult decisions on limiting visitors to hospitals. These decisions were often most felt in maternity.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, partners can now attend every antenatal scan: EPAC, 12-week dating, anomaly, nuchal and now growth scans.

Pregnancy Scans - Partners welcome

Steph El-Malak, head of midwifery at the Trust, said: “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

“We’re confident our appointment process and infection control measures are robust enough to welcome partners to all pre-birth scans. It’s an important part of the pregnancy experience and we’re all thrilled partners can be there to support our mums-to-be.”

The Trust is reminding everyone that only one partner can attend the scans and during delivery, just one birth partner can be present on the delivery suite.

Stephanie El-Malak, Head of Midwifery

Steph explained: “We have to maintain the one birth partner limit to ensure safe physical distancing throughout the labour. Our priority must be the safety of mum, baby, the partner and our colleagues.”

Anyone displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to not join their partner for any scans or the delivery. All visitors to any hospital are required to wear a mask/face covering and comply with all infection control procedures.

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