Nurses invited to find out about Scan4Safety

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is one of six demonstrator sites across the country and the most northerly, selected by the Department of Health to roll out new GS1 national standards which are mandated for use in all trusts by 2020 as part of the Scan4Safety initiative.

The programme, which involves scanning barcodes to identify staff and to track patients and the products used in their care, has already commenced and a number of benefits will be realised from their introduction.

Benefits include the globally unique identification of the patient, enabling accurate and consistent information to be captured and stored in the patient record, at all relevant points along the patient pathway. A single location numbering system ,used by all Trusts and their suppliers ,enabling the unambiguous identification of every physical and operational location within the healthcare system, allowing  information to be collected and stored where and when an event occurs, from the dispensing of patient care ,the use of medical equipment or the ordering and delivery of goods. Suppliers will publish product information using GS1 numbers, allowing more intelligent stock control, improved product availability and lower costs.

Scan4Safety will lead to efficiencies through detailed patient level costing and will help to eliminate human error and reduce the incidence of adverse events such as drug administration errors, wrong site surgery and other Never Events, greatly improving both patient and staff safety as a full audit trail of clinical activity will be immediately accessible.

The Trust’s Scan4Safety team will be holding a free to attend event for nurses, from across the region, to help them understand their role in the new Scan4Safety project and how this will impact on their future practice.¬† The session will be held on Thursday 20 October in the Lecture Theatre, Middlefield Centre at the University Hospital of North Tees. Registration will commence at 9am and the event will conclude at 12 midday.

If you would like to attend the event, please contact the Scan4Safety team on and you will receive a registration form to confirm your attendance.

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