Nurse awarded star of the month

A NURSE is the trust’s latest Star of the Month for the compassionate care and calm she showed during a really busy shift.

Kirsty Donkin, a staff nurse in the medicine ward at the University Hospital of North Tees, was working during a particularly challenging shift during the recent winter pressures.

Over the course of the day, colleagues said she dealt with every issue in a very calm and effective way.

Caroline Mitchell, who is AMBER care bundle co-ordinator in the specialist palliative care team, nominated her.

She said: “I witnessed a particularly busy shift – Kirsty had walked on to a shift that had been extremely eventful overnight and she hit the ground running.

“Some of her patients were deteriorating or heading towards end of life. The rest of ward was also extremely busy. She was also helping colleagues with various tasks including controlled medicines.

“I am a guest sister on the ward. I was accompanying doctors on ward round. I witnessed this staff nurse being called to help patient after patient, each having complex issues. Kirsty took each of the 6Cs and for a full shift applied each one to each patient.

“She addressed each challenge with competence. She remained unflustered and appeared confident but with compassion and empathy that never waivered throughout. Her professionalism was second to none. Her relationship with the medics was exemplary, they asked for and she listened, with the end result was a cohesive, efficient, safe, seamless care from the whole team.”

Kirsty is pictured here with Caroline and chief information and technology officer Graham Evans, who congratulated her on behalf of the board of directors.

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