NTHighlights – 20 July 2018

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  1. Urgent Care showcases work to trusts from up and down the country!

Health staff from across the country visited the trust’s urgent and emergency care service to find out the reasons behind its success.

The special event run by the trust was around sharing learning and good practice – you can find out more on our Facebook page.


  1. Man says thanks for op that saved the use of his legs

Hartlepool Mail covered the fantastic story of Brian Plant, who was told that without surgery, he would lose the use of his legs. The bravery of the 55 year old, and the skills and expertise of those who treated him, meant a tumour wrapped around his spinal cord was successfully removed.

You can read the story on our website here


  1. Clinic scores top marks in patient and staff experience surveys

Both of the trust’s fracture clinics scored top marks in recent patient and staff experience surveys.

You can see a picture of the teams receiving their certificates on Instagram here.


  1. Staff in Hartlepool are full of praise for in-house training sessions

Dr Mo Helmy is holding regular in-house teaching sessions for staff at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, which cover a range of medical topics.

Staff have been praising Dr Helmy for going above and beyond to deliver the sessions –  you can read all about it on the website and on Twitter


  1. More people taking part in clinical research in Hartlepool than ever before

This week the Hartlepool Mail have been talking about the trust’s great success in recruiting the public into its clinical trials. This year, figures have almost doubled from 839 to 1,619 participants in the region – you can read the story here.


  1. Volunteers event is a huge success

The trust’s annual volunteers event was once again a huge success – you can see a live stream of the choir performance and all of the photos from the night on Facebook.


  1. Exciting partnership to train healthcare staff of today and beyond

The trust has teamed up with a local college to boost the careers and skills of young people and health professionals.

The trust will be working with the Hartlepool College of Further Education to develop a state of the art simulation suite at the University Hospital of Hartlepool. You can read more on the trust website here.


  1. Biomedical service opens its doors in trust first

As part of Biomedical Science Awareness Day, the service invited members of the public and staff behind closed doors to see just what goes on with those samples. The tours were a huge success with staff from across the organisation attending alongside curious students and other visitors. Look out for pictures on Facebook next week!


  1. Trust supports Be Clear On Cancer: Blood In Pee campaign

The blood in pee campaign launched this week, highlighting that blood in pee is a key symptom of bladder and kidney cancer, yet according to survey findings, only 16% of those most at risk, aged 50 or over, check the colour of their pee every time they go to the toilet.

We are encouraging people to ‘look before they flush’ and to tell their doctor if they notice blood in their pee, even if it’s just the once. Check out the full video on our Facebook page here.


  1. We need your help to improve our trust website!

The communications team are looking to improve the trust website and find out more about what you want to see. There is a lot of information currently available on the site, and the team want to make sure it’s all relevant.

Please take the time to complete this short survey and feedback your suggestions.


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