NTHighlights – 11 January 2019

  1. Reducing CDiff by more than a quarter

The trust has reported a 27% reduction in patients presenting with hospital acquired infection Clostridium difficile! See more on the website and in the Nursing Times

  1. Project Choice success

A programme for young people with learning disabilities/difficulties is reaping benefits after a member of the latest cohort secured a job in the pathology labs! See more on the website

  1. Hospital welcomer service

The trust has a dedicated group of welcomers who help patients get to and from their appointments. See more on the website

  1. Memorial for much loved team member

The elective care team in Hartlepool has raised funds for a memorial to a much loved late team member, see the website

  1. 80-day smokefree countdown

It is now just 80 days until the trust goes completely smoke-free. See more on the website

  1. Putting the focus on oral health

A nurse in ward 27 has been raising awareness about the importance of oral hygiene as part of a leadership course. See Facebook

  1. Welcome to our student nurses

Our latest cohort of student nurses from Teesside University have started. See more on Twitter

  1. Energy centre milestone 

The new energy centre at North Tees is nearing completion – with the arrival of the second and final part of the chimney this week! See the photos on Twitter

  1. Special retirement for Gloria

It’s not every day we get a staff member working until the age of 76 – read Gloria Ridley’s story on Facebook

  1. NHS long term plan

We’ve been sharing the newly published long term plan for the NHS. See more on Facebook


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