New service sees patients treated in their own homes

A new and innovative service that allows patients to be treated in their own homes rather than in hospital has been launched by the trust.

Patients who need long-term intravenous antibiotics can now be treated in their own homes, reducing unnecessary hospital stays.

new-service-patients-homesThe Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) service, being provided by a team of health professionals including orthopaedics, microbiology, pharmacy, radiology and community services, allows intravenous antibiotics to be administered to patients in their own home.

Orthopedic consultant Neil Bayliss said: “In the past, patients who have been in our care, who have infections and need long-term intravenous (IV) antibiotics would have had to stay in hospital or attend daily, sometimes for many weeks.

“Now, patients can receive their initial treatment and antibiotics in hospital, and will then be transferred home once it is clinically appropriate.

“The trust’s community nursing team administer the antibiotics and monitor the patients’ recovery in their own homes. Patients benefit by getting out of hospital sooner allowing them to return to the comfort of their home.

“OPAT is not always the right choice for everyone and that’s why we work together across professions in the organisation to make sure it is appropriate and that our patients get the very best care. But, this is about looking at what is best for our patients, who will be able to be at home in a comfortable and familiar setting rather than staying in hospital.”

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