New menopause support group for staff

For any breakfast TV viewers, you may have noticed the focus has very much been on menopause this week.

BBC Breakfast have been running news items including information, guidance and resources.

The Trust has recently launched its own menopause support group for staff – led by health and wellbeing lead Jill McGee and consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology Gill Black.

The group helps staff who may be struggling with symptoms of menopause and need advice.

Jill said: “The first group meeting took place recently and feedback has been really positive.

“People were happy to be listened to – they were relieved to hear they weren’t the only ones going through it.

“Menopause can be linked to many things which affect people’s ability to work, including anxiety and depression.

“Groups like this help encourage women to talk more and feel comfortable.”

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