New Botox treatment to help young patients with excess sweat

Consultant paediatrician Beena Kurup (pictured) has started a new treatment using Botox to help younger patients who suffer from excess sweating. 

beena-kurupThe first patient to have the treatment is 17-year-old Ellie McCorkell from Dalton Piercy.

Ellie has a condition which causes her body to sweat more than it needs to, known as hyperhidrosis.

Every six to nine months, Ellie visits Beena at the University Hospital of Hartlepool to have around 15-20 injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) in her armpit area under local anaesthetic, which reduces the amount of sweat produced.

Ellie’s mum Kim said: “Ever since quite a young age Ellie has had issues with sweating too much – so much that it would be pouring off her. I work in the children’s unit as a physiotherapist so I already knew about this treatment and knew it would really help Ellie.”

Ellie said: “I would sweat so much that I would wear several layers of clothing to try to cover it up because I was embarrassed. I would be wiping sweat from my hands on to my clothes – it made me self conscious and a bit anxious, which then made the sweating even worse.

“When my mum told me about this treatment I wanted to try it. From the very first time I saw an instant improvement. I visit Dr Kurup every six to nine months for treatment, depending on when I need it. I don’t feel much because it is performed under local anaesthetic meaning there is only slight discomfort and is well worth it for the results. It has helped change my life for the better and has stopped me having to worry about it.”

Dr Kurup said: “This is a very straight forward treatment which can be done under local anaesthesia without much pain or discomfort.

“Ellie is the first patient to have it here and she has shown what a difference it makes to a patient’s life. When people think about botox they often think about it as more of a cosmetic surgery but it is actually used for many medical treatments.”

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