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When you hear the words ‘Smear Test’ what’s your gut reaction? Fear? Excitement? Absolute confidence? The cervical smear test makes women feel a variety of emotions, but with recent figures from Public Health of England showing that the number of women getting their smear test is at an all time low, we’re on a campaign to encourage women across the region to pick up the phone, and book their test today.

Local  mum of two, Kara Pickering had an emotional experience with her smear test whilst on maternity leave and decided to put pen to paper to share her #CervicalScreeningStory. Why don’t you share yours too?


Being a mum is hard work,

Second time round has to be easier, right?

I can handle school runs, housework and meal times,

While juggling nappies, feeds and sleepless nights!


The first weeks went by so quickly,

Did I even eat? Didn’t brush my hair for days!

It’s impossible to find time for myself now,

But I’m not important, as long as the kids are okay.


One Tuesday reading through some letter,

Over a biscuit and cold cup of tea,

An invitation for cervical screening,

‘Please call and make an appointment with your GP!


I had every intention of calling,

Even grabbed my phone there and then,

But then the baby was smiling, picture time!

Post to Facebook, right what was I doing again?


The letter, on the fridge, now forgotten,

Covered with paintings, school reminders, and the rest,

As long as everything’s okay where the kids are concerned,

When it comes to me, I’ll just plod on and hope for the best.


Then one night, chill time on the sofa,

Wine in my hand, kids asleep either side,

An advert came on about cervical cancer,

I looked down at my babies and almost cried.


While all I’ve been doing is care for them,

I forgot about caring for me,

And if anything bad were to happen,

What would they do without mummy?


So I rang the next day, booked my appointment,

In two weeks time I would go for my smear,

Whilst I was a little nervous at the thought of it,

It’s no worse than child birth, so I hear!


My appointment seemed to come around quickly,

Checked myself in, palms sweaty, took a seat,

I looked down at my battered old converse,

Horrified I forgot to wear my socks on my feet!


My name appeared on the screen, it was my turn,

The nurse made me feel at ease from the start,

With the uncomfortable getting undressed bit over,

Now for a ceiling view, with a fast beating heart.


Eyes  closed, fists clenched, here comes the hard bit,

A little sting, all done, what, no way!

I’d wait a couple of weeks for results, the nurse said,

That was it, I could go enjoy the rest of my day.


All that worry for one minute of discomfort,

The moral of my story is no matter how busy life gets each day,

Please make  time for your cervical screening,

Whatever the result, surely its better to know, either way?


#MyCervicalScreeningStory #IThankMyKids #ShareYourStory

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