Mortuary diploma success for Shaunna

A MEMBER of the trust’s mortuary team is celebrating being fully qualified in her specialty after completing a challenging two-year national diploma.

Shaunna Cahillane is now a level 3 qualified anatomical pathology technologist after studying the Royal Society for Public Health diploma.

The programme involves a total of 10 knowledge and competency units in areas such as health and safety, microbiology and infection, anatomy and physiology, communication and preparing for a post mortem.

Shaunna said: “I am really pleased to have completed the level 3 diploma.

“I am passionate about being an anatomical pathology technologist, caring for our patients and doing all we can for relatives and families in what can be a very emotional and difficult time.

“It’s a privilege to be a part of a patient’s final journey and do all we can to help relatives have positive memories of their family member during such a difficult time.”

The trust is one of two centres nationally who run the level 3 diploma, led by  mortuary and bereavement service manager Michelle Lancaster.

Michelle said: “This qualification means Shaunna can care for the deceased and bereaved families in lines with national standards of care. Congratulations to her!”

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