Lyndsey is July’s employee of the month

Congratulations to district nursing sister Lyndsey Brownless who is July’s employee of the month.

july-employee-of-the-monthShe was presented with flowers and a certificate today by associate director for out of hospital care Julie Parkes and clinical care co-ordinator Linda Fairhall.

Linda, who is Lyndsey’s line manager and who nominated her, said: “Lyndsey has recently been dealing with a patient with end stage dementia.

“She demonstrated empathy towards the patient throughout her visits and always included family. Compassion is something which is second nature to Lyndsey as she demonstrates this with every patient .

“She demonstrates caring at every visit she undertakes. In this case she acted as an excellent role model to all other staff and applied new knowledge from recent training around safeguarding.

“She has gone the extra mile every day not only for this patient but for all patients and on very difficult sessions she would remain at work until the patient was settled enough for family to manage.”

“She has also been an outstanding role model to more junior staff and they see her as inspirational as a nurse due to her care, compassion and professionalism.”

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