Lighting up pink to help save lives

The trust has been lighting up pink all week to help raise awareness of a very special cause.

As part of this year’s organ donation week, buildings and landmarks across the country have been going pink.

The trust has been proud to play its part by making the main wall of its north wing at the University Hospital of North Tees pink every night this week.

Pink organ donation flags have also been flying high at both the University Hospital of Hartlepool and at North Tees.

Clare Fletcher, the trust’s specialist nurse for organ donation, said: “It’s been fantastic to be able to light up pink all week. The campaign has really captured people’s interest and helped raise so much awareness.

“The main message is very simple – we are asking people to talk to their families about organ donation to help increase the number of people whose lives can be saved or transformed by an organ transplant.

“Through not talking, many opportunities are lost every year. If you would like to be a donor when you are no longer here, then you need to let your family know about your wishes.

“When I am having a discussion with a family about organ donation, I see how difficult that decision can be for them to make when they don’t know what their loved one would have wanted.

“Knowing what your family would want makes a huge difference, and for many of our families, donation can bring some comfort from knowing something so positive has happened at a time of great loss.

Anil Sharma, consultant anaesthetist and the trust’s clinical lead for organ donation, said: “We all need to talk about organ donation with our families and partners.
“We must take the opportunity to let people know what our wishes are. Words can save lives.”

Only one third of adults in England have told their partner or their family they want to donate, despite 8 out of 10 people telling us they would be willing to donate or would consider it.

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