Keeping wards clean and safe

The trust has a regular ward decant programme to make sure patients are getting the very best care.

One at a time, each ward is moved in to the trust’s designated decant ward – an empty ward area set up for staff and patients to move straight into while their area is given a deep clean and any refurbishments take place.

The process, managed by assistant director of decontamination services Graeme Kelly, is a huge logistical operation involving dozens of staff including pharmacy, supplies, patient flow team, porters, domestics, IT and telecommunications, catering and communications and estates.

The recent ward moves have also involved a great deal of work from the estates maintenance team, including installing energy efficient LED lights and repainting the walls to dementia friendly colours.
Each ward can take between one and three weeks to complete depending on work to be carried out – making it a significant challenge for ward staff involved also.

Graeme said: “While it is a huge task to move a whole ward every few days, this is something that is vitally important to help us maintain our exceptionally high standards of cleanliness and equally high environmental standards such as internal decoration, flooring, efficiency lighting, upgrading nurse call systems which all support our patients being able to receive their care in the safest environment.

“The team effort for the whole programme is always incredible, all involved directly or indirectly are without exception amazing. Staff involved in the process go above and beyond to deliver something which is fantastic for our staff and patients.

“The environmental standards provided in which our patients receive their care in is apparent as soon as you enter the ward. The time, effort and commitment that’s gone into the work is evident for all to see and has been commented on recently by external bodies visiting the trust and in compliments made by our staff and patients.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to all who have been and are still involved in this programme.

The ward decant programme is paused over the winter months so that the decant ward can be turned into a resilience ward, only for use during extremely busy periods.


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