Just 80 days until Trust goes smoke-free

It is just 80 days until the trust goes completely smoke-free.

Medical director Deepak Dwarakanath has called on our staff, patients and public to support us.

He said: “This is about changing the culture and the way people think about how smoking affects other people and their health.

“The key is to communicate with our staff, patients and public to make them aware of these changes. Over the last few months we have been carrying out a considerable amount of work to do just that.

“We need smokers to be aware that it isn’t acceptable to smoke on our grounds. We are a place where patients come to get better – allowing people to smoke here completely goes against the care we give to our patients. We are spreading the message to these people that we are here to support them. We have a very experienced community stop smoking team who is here to help any smoker wanting to quit. We can also offer other help, such as access to nicotine replacement therapy which is very effective in helping people quit.

“We’ve also been highlighting to staff how they can help us by asking all of their patients if they smoke and offering smokers help and advice.

“We are asking for you all to please support us in this. Smoking is the cause of multiple different types of cancers. We appreciate people have a choice and have every right to smoke if they wish to. All we are asking is for your co-operation not to smoke on our grounds.”

Smokers wanting to make that change can contact the community stop smoking service on 01642 383819

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