Joint replacement unit has two reasons to celebrate

The joint replacement unit has two reasons to celebrate – as it marks its most successful month yet and is officially recognised for the valuable overall contribution the team are making.

The team at the University Hospital of Hartlepool have been making improvements to help reduce the length of stay of patients after surgery.

And the hard work has clearly paid off – as the unit marks its best month in February with an average stay of just 2.7 days.

The team have also been awarded with a certificate of recognition from the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group for their contribution to a national evaluation programme aimed at improving care for hip and knee surgery elective patients.

The unit have made a number of improvements to improve patient care, including extended recovery after surgery by an anaesthetist on the day of the operation.

Ward matron Linda Wildberg said: “The team have done a lot of work around advanced recovery of patients after surgery and around seven day working.

“The average length of stay for patients in February was 2.7 days – this is an all-time low and a truly fantastic achievement.

“This is not by luck, this is due to the hard work of the whole team and their creative thinking around how we can improve things, however large or small.

“The team is enthusiastic, innovative and is always striving to improve. Congratulations to all.”



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