Inspiration behind special kitbag for community nurses

Frontline NHS staff have described how collaborative working has led to the creation of the Community Kit Bag, a unique innovation by nurses.

Steven Yull giving an interview about the community kitbag.The result of passionate collaboration between frontline NHS nurses, the Community Kit Bag is an infection prevention compliant kit bag system proven to save community care teams both time and money as they provide essential healthcare services.

Steven Yull, organisation development practitioner at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, was one of the staff members who helped bring the Community Kit Bag to life and described it as a “real family effort.”

“Need is the mother of all invention” was Steven’s response when asked why the Community Kit Bag was first created, before going on to explain how the initial concept for the bag came about after a community nurse new to the Trust had no suitable bag to keep all of her equipment in.

District nurses holding the special community kitbagsSteven added: “We soon realised there was no off the peg kit bag solution for community care staff that actually met our organisation’s needs.

“Each nurse is like a boy scout or a girl guide, they want to be prepared. They do not want to go and meet a patient without everything they need, because they know how important that is. That is why we created the Community Kit Bag.

“The bag is designed to meet all of the different needs of community care staff and it’s flexible enough that if products or nursing interventions change, it can adapt. It’s a very good solution that allows change and development.

“The Community Kit Bag is a solution for many challenges faced by healthcare staff working in the community, helping them travel with their equipment in a future-proofed way. It means they can give patients the reassurance they have the correct equipment and that it is clean and in date.

“Our innovation is a real family effort and I am so pleased that it has benefitted other organisations across the country too.”

Practice development lead and district nurse Moraig Orpen, who was also involved in the creation of the Community Kit Bag, added: “I think the district nurses and community staff nurses who use the bag feel quite proud that they’ve got their own kit bag, and that it’s got our logo on, as we are proud of the organisation that we work for.”

The Community Kit Bag has since been brought to life by the innovations team at NTH Solutions, a subsidiary company of the Trust, and is already being used by hundreds of community care practitioners across the UK.

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