Hospital patients able to welcome visitors once more

The organisation will be lifting its restrictions for hospital visiting – meaning patients can welcome loved ones once more.

Lindsey Robertson chief nurseVisiting will be limited to one person per patient for up to an hour at a time – booked by appointment directly through the hospital ward or area.

This applies to all types of visiting other than for patients on end of life care or with dementia (John’s Campaign) – both which have less limited visiting measures.

Visitors will still not be allowed to go into areas with patients who have COVID-19.

Anyone who is considering visiting but feels unwell and has virus symptoms is asked not to attend.

Lindsey Robertson, chief nurse, said: “We know what an anxious and worrying time it can be for patients in hospital and we recognise the importance of having friends and family there to offer love and support.

“The public have understood that reluctantly we had to put these restrictions in place for the safety of staff, patients and the wider community.

“We now feel the time is right – at a time when cases of the virus have reduced – for us to remove many of these restrictions and allow visiting so that patients have that support which we know is so important.

“We ask loved ones who would like to visit a patient to contact the hospital ward directly to book an appointment and they will be happy to arrange this.

“Thank you to our public for their continued patience and support over the course of the last 18 months – we appreciate how challenging it has been for every one of us.”

Any visitors to any of the Trust’s buildings is asked that they must wear a mask unless they are exempt from doing so – these are available at reception areas.

To contact the relevant area, ring the main switchboard number on 01642 617 617 and ask for the ward area.


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