Helping patients in need of advice and support

A new welfare support officer who is working with the patient discharge team is already helping make a significant difference to patients in need of help.

Rebecca Garrett has been working with the trust’s Home Safe Sooner integrated discharge liaison team over the last few months to help patients who are ready to leave hospital.

Rebecca, who works for the Citizens Advice Bureau, has already got some great success stories to tell – including helping a patient save £7,000 a year on bills!

She said: “I am here to help anyone who needs support or advice when they are about to be discharged from hospital, particularly vulnerable people. I can also arrange to make home visits if needed.

“This includes people who have issues with debt. I can give advice on management plans and arrangements to make payments.

“I’m also here for advice about paying bills such as gas and electric, claiming benefits and housing advice.”

Staff can make referrals to Rebecca through the discharge liaison team or they can contact her directly.

She added: “We know that there is evidence that people are less likely to be re-admitted to hospital if they are given help once they are discharged.

“If people are worried about things then that can have a real effect on their health. The confidential and impartial advice and support I can provide can make a real difference.”

Staff can contact Rebecca through the integrated discharge liaison team.

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