Warm, friendly and accommodating healthcare assistant awarded

“Warm, friendly, accommodating and an asset to both our department and the Trust” are the words used to describe our latest star of the month, healthcare assistant Rebecca McKenna.

Rebecca who works in the outpatient department at the University of Hartlepool and occasionally Peterlee Hospital, was nominated by staff nurse Jean Boddy who works alongside Rebecca.

Jean explains why she nominated Rebecca: “Rebecca always strives to do her best to support patients, staff and the department. She always volunteers first to take on additional roles and is always actively involved in service improvement initiatives with the department at the forefront of her ideas. She goes above and beyond the expectations of her role, has built excellent working relationships with all colleagues and is often the ‘go to’ for help and advice within the department.

“Rebecca is compassionate, empathetic and supportive towards patients, particularly when a sensitive approach is required and is a breath of fresh air within the department. She is very forward thinking and is often one step ahead in terms of strategic planning and how things will work and has been very innovative during the Covid pandemic when looking for solutions to patient flow, footfall through the department and managing the safety and wellbeing of all within outpatients.”

Rebecca was presented her award by ward matron Sandra Burdiss who mirrored everything Jean had written in her nomination.

Congratulations again Rebecca on your well-deserved recognition!


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