Hands-free device is improving patient care

A HANDS-free device which allows staff to instantly contact each other remotely is improving patient flow and care.

The Vocera system, worn on the front of a uniform, works by using the hospital’s WiFi to give staff instant voice communication with each other.

It is in use in urgent and emergency care at the Trust – helping with improved patient flow, patient safety and satisfaction.

Due to its success so far, it will soon be rolled out to other clinical areas across the organisation.

Using voice commands, Vocera can be used to help with tasks such as dialling a phone number, receiving a call, playing voice messages, setting reminders or messaging a group of users.

Viv Priestley, operational manager in urgent and emergency care, said: “Vocera has been very successful – it’s allowing staff to instantly communicate with each other to provide the best patient care.

“It has removed the need to use desk phones or pagers because Vocera is immediate. If a staff member is wearing a device then they can be contacted.

“Previously, a delay of even a few minutes could lead to frustration for staff and for patients.

“Staff including doctors, nurses and porters can contact each other instantly either by name or role. It is very simple to use and very effective.

“In a trust with two main sites, Vocera has the potential to link every clinical member of staff. They can move around the building and still stay in touch.”

Ravi Mani, a foundation one doctor in emergency care, said: “The Vocera device has been a fantastic innovation for the department.”

“It makes contacting colleagues quicker and more efficient. By using the device I can instantly get in contact with anyone with a device.”

“From my own perspective as a doctor in training, the device has been invaluable for helping me to contact senior staff for support and advice when needed.”

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