Don’t forget your green bag

A campaign to encourage patients to keep their medicines in a green bag has been relaunched after a successful start.

Any patient who is treated at the trust can ask to be given a green bag where their personal medicine can be kept.

Once discharged, if the patient ever has to return to hospital they can take their green bag with them – meaning staff will know what medicines they are taking.

Associate chief pharmacist Paul Harris said: “The campaign first started a few years ago and it was very successful.

“We want as many patients as possible to use these green bags because it has a number of benefits to them.

“This campaign is not just about encouraging patients to use these green bags – it is also about ensuring staff in our hospitals offer this service to patients.”

A patients who brings their green bag into hospital or asks for a new one can:

  • carry on taking their own medicines as normal
  • ensure all necessary medicines are prescribed on admission
  • ensure medicines are given at the right dose and time
  • means any new medication can be taken safely
  • expect the provision of medicines at discharge to be faster and more efficient

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