Governor election results announced

The trust has announced the results of its governor elections.

The following candidates were elected:

Stockton (5 to elect)
Janet Atkins (re-elected) 3 years
James Newton (re-elected) 3 years
Mark White 3 years
Kate Wilson (re-elected) 3 years
Val Scollen 1 year

Hartlepool (3 to elect)
George Lee 3 years
Alan Smith 3 years
Roger Campbell 2 years

Easington (1 to elect)
No Candidates

Staff (3 to elect)
Manuf Kassem (re-elected) 3 years
Steven Yull 3 years
Gary Wright 2 years

Chairman Paul Garvin said: “Becoming a governor offers people who are already members of the trust the opportunity to be more involved in their local health service and help us to shape our plans for the future.

“We have elections every year and this allows us to bring in some new governors but also keep some continuity for the council of governors.”

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