Gail is June’s employee of the month

Congratulations to site clinical co-ordinator Gail Fincken who has been presented with June’s employee of the month award.

employee-of-the-month-gailGail was presented with a certificate and some flowers by director of nursing, patient safety and quality Julie Lane and head of transformation Gary Wright.

Gary, who nominated her, highlighted how Gail embodies all that the six Cs (compassion, care, commitment, courage, competence, communication) stand for.

He said: “Despite the relentless nature of the role, Gail remains enthusiastic and maintains a level of professionalism. When required, Gail will listen to the concerns and grumbles of the staff but will always come up with a solution in the best interest of
the patients.

“The entire team of site coordinators and bed managers are excellent advocates for the trust, however Gail takes on the role of ‘mother’ for the team and always raises spirits and maintains morale, even in the most challenging circumstances. It is widely recognised that Gail is a ‘fixer’, a ‘go to’ person who call multitask a range of issues whilst emotionally supporting the staff and patients around her.

“Despite how busy the hospital is, if I am on call with Gail, I know that we will be alright. Gail will do everything humanly
possible to ensure that care and compassion is delivered to patients and staff alike.”

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